Choosing a Lawn Mower

There are plenty of home owners in Australia that enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of grass lawns, but if there’s one thing that they will all agree on – it’s that the blades do have a tendency to grow a little out of hand when allowed to do so. Fortunately, electric and petrol powered mowers are at the forefront of a garden’s defense, but what can you do to ensure that your grass receives the optimum cut every time?

Well, that’s where the act of choosing a lawn mower becomes a priority. With so many different brands and models to choose from, not to mention the benefits afforded by both electrical and fuel options, it can be quite difficult to decide on the right one for your garden’s needs. If you’re keen to ensure that you pick the right mower for your requirements, take a look at the tips below.

Cost should never be the deciding factor

You might find a mower for under $100 and consider this a bargain, but in reality – the low cost can usually carry its own disadvantages. Cheaper mowers are cheap for a reason; perhaps they are limited in their cutting prowess, or maybe they simply aren’t very reliable. In either event, you could soon find your time wasted if you don’t purchase a mower that’s fit for purpose.

Petrol or electricity?

Electronic mowers were one of the first types to be invented, but more and more people were realising that the presence of an electrical cable can actually be far more dangerous than it’s worth. Fuel mowers rely on petrol or diesel and although they can be a little more expensive than their electric counterparts; the risk of cables is entirely eliminated.


Some mowers can only cut at a singular height, whilst others are fully adjustable and can cut grass blades to heights such as an inch, two inches, or three. The functionality of a mower is very important – especially if you plan on using it often. Before making a purchase, take a look at the specifications of the tool and pay close attention to the beneficial features, like the ones mentioned above.