Repairing Gas Plumbing Pipes

Most plumbing services will offer pipe repair features as standard and although these are some of the most affordable options, they can differ depending on the severity of the damage in question. Where some plumbers might prefer to remove an old pipe and replace it, others might recommend alternative ways of keeping costs as low as possible by using what is there.

What are the most common methods of repair?

Pipe relining

If a pipe has suffered with damage in the form of rust, then the chances are that it won’t be long before a leak starts to take place. This leak can quickly increase in severity and in these cases, a plumber may recommend having a pipe relined with a fresh piece. This pipe will be placed internally and will transport the water entirely, allowing the external pipe to remain in place, without exposing it to any form of water or gas.

Pipe replacement

There can be some instances where the only way that a pipe will return to functionality is by removing the old one and fitting a brand new one. This method can be very affordable depending on the length and material of the new pipe, but it’s also a very popular solution when the aesthetics of a pipe aren’t appealing, or when the pipe has rusted to a point where it could be dangerous to those nearby.

Pipe repair

There are some cases where a pipe may be in a position to enjoy a quick repair – and these cases can be very simple and straightforward to rectify. Most plumbers will be able to address the condition of a pipe and gauge whether it could do with a repair or a replacement, and in the former instance a repair can be carried out by applying a layer of adhesive filler, or by adding a small panel to cover and enclose any cause for concern.